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"Be prepared to cry, laugh, and enjoy an informative (with real data), interactive and energetic webinar. He can really shake up the work week for you, in a good way."

Allie Gold

Senior Manager, Learning & Development


"Miguel Aviles is a great motivational speaker, I wasn't planning to attend until I saw his video and signed up at the last minute. Thank you for the opportunity to attend the webinar."

University of Phoenix

"Your session’s average rating was 4.8 – the highest of the program!"

Sign me up!

Jennifer Holmes

Program Manager, IPMI

Corporate Wellness Institute

Miguel Joey Avilés D&I Keynote Speaker.png
Miguel Joey Avilés D&I Keynote Speaker (1).png

Based on the global NPS standards, 50 is excellent while 70 and above is considered “world class”

Featured as a
Inclusion Innovator Panelist
SHRM Inclusion 2020 


"David Rock, Miguel and Second City exercise were stand outs to me. "


"My two favorite sessions were David Rock & Miguel Joey Aviles-Perez. Those were exceptional!"

OA21 Keynote Presentation (20).png
MIGUEL JOEY AVILES (LinkedIn Post).png

Featured as a
Mega Session Speaker at the Largest HR Conference in the World
SHRM 2022

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