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Comprehensive DEI Strategy

As a former Chief of D&I I am a resource for your DEI needs. From DEI Assessments to full implementation we have our signature 3-Phase Holistic DEI Strategy Framework to help you navigate the complexities of executing a sustainable DEI strategy. 

Phase 1: DEI Assessment

Before implementing any DEI effort, such as training, focus groups, or even heritage events, it is critical to dissect DEI gaps and challenges through proven and standardized DEI assesments. 


The following free resource is a comparative analysis of DEI assessments we can help you deploy. 


Free Resource: DEI Assessments Comparative Analysis


Steps completed during this step:

  • Development of Strategic Execution Timeline

  • DEI Business Case Briefing Template

  • DEI Assessments: Global Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Benchmarks: Standards for Organizations Around the World; Intercultural Development Inventory; Catalyst Inclusion Accelerator; Cultural Quotient; Intercultural Effectiveness Scale; and others. 

  • Focus Groups Strategy Development and Execution

  • Uncover current DEI Maturity Level

Phase 2: DEI Strategic Plan Development

Once the results obtained through the DEI assessment phase are fully reviewed the next step is to transform the data into a clear pathway of implementation. During this phase we help our clients to: 


  • Define DEI Objectives

  • Develop DEI Strategic Framework

  • Create DEI Goals

  • Design DEI Implementation Tactics

  • Select Success Metrics

  • Deploy Stakeholder Engagement Plan 


Free Resource: Want to Measure DEI, Start Here 

Phase 3: DEI Strategy Execution & Evaluation

Most DEI strategies never make it to the full execution phase. Our system strongly focuses on the importance of implementation. During this phase we help clients to implement the following efforts: 

  • Build the DEI Governance Ecosystem: 

    • DEI Executive Council: Oversight & Accountability

    • Affinity Groups/ERG/BRG Management Standard Operating Procedures

    • Embedding DEI throughout the entire Talent Management Cycle: Recruitment, Development, Promotions, Pay Equity, Retention, Terminations, etc.

  • Communications Strategy: Officially Launch the DEI Strategic Plan and Show Progress

  • Deploy DEI Education Efforts: 

    • Keynotes, Workshops & Training for Executives, Managers/Supervisors and the entire organization. 

    • On-demand Training Development

    • DEI Focused Mentoring Program

    • Executive Coaching

    • Train-the-trainer Program to Include Detailed Instructor Guides

    • Education Effort training evaluation forms

  • Evaluation: Redeploy DEI Assessment to identify progress

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Let's Work Together

We have crafted highly engaging and experiential workshops to lead you and your team through each one of the phases. 


Schedule your Free 30 Minutes Consult or send us a note at 

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