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3 Keys to Increase Latinx Representation in your Organization

Which one resonates with you the most?

Key #1: Cultural Intelligence is a must.

Your organization can have the fanciest recruitment tech, but if your managers don’t know how to leverage the power of difference to drive business results your recruitment strategy will fail. Beyond increasing representation, an inclusive culture is necessary to engage and retain Latinx members. In other words, the truth is you can’t magically hire your way to a diverse workforce. Focus on increasing the cultural intelligence of your managers, increase Latinx retention, and eventually… representation.

Key # 2: Appropriately fund your Latinx Employee Resource Group.

Over the last decade, ERGs have evolved from social gatherings to highly structured, mission-driven professional groups that are crucial to achieve business and DEI goals. Providing the funds needed to truly make a difference is the number one request I hear from ERG leads. Latinx ERGs are a powerful tool for recruiting, retaining and engaging Hispanic employees since they offer a sense of community and family - a deal-breaker for Hispanics.

Key # 3: Think of a long-term relationship.

There is no easy fix to Latinx recruitment. If we want to build sustainable representation, let’s focus on long-term outcomes. Smarter proactive recruiting focuses on developing meaningful relationships. The top 3 efforts my clients continuously rave about are: Latinx focused 1) Internship programs; 2) Mentoring/sponsoring initiatives; 3) Strategic partnerships with Hispanic organizations/institutions.

If you want to hear more about this subject, send me a note to add you to my first webinar of the year.

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