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First Time Chief of D&I: 3 Mistakes Made, 3 Lessons Learned

1️⃣ One 1️⃣

Letting DEI crises get in the way of taking care of yourself and your team.

Sign of maturity: DEI work will take a toll on our physical and mental health if we don’t prioritize caring for ourselves. Taking the time to cultivate inner peace, taking the time to strengthen our body, and taking the time to sit with our emotions should be our go to sanctuary to recharge and continue the work.

2️⃣ Two 2️⃣

Unchecked Unrealistic Expectations: Cultures, systems, solutions and change aren’t created overnight.

Sign of Understanding: Performative DEI is real. Systemic change takes intentionality, measurement, and TIME.

3️⃣ Three 3️⃣

Too many initiatives, too much change, all too quick.

Sign of wisdom: Sharply focus your DEI efforts; wanting to solve everything at once will lead to superficial initiatives as opposed to real, deep-rooted systemic and cultural change.

☀️ May the Wisdom, Understanding and Maturity on your path lead the way to real systemic change.☀️

What are some of your DEI biggest lessons?

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Hannah Walters
Hannah Walters
13 hours ago

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