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YOU Are Critical to the Success of DEI Efforts

I have created a special site to jumpstart our collaboration. As a former Chief of D&I I fully understand the nuances and complexities of pursuing systemic and sustainable DEI change. I have decided to give away some of the tools that have made a tremendous impact in my journey. I hope you find as much value as I did.  As you review and access the files, remember I am a resource for your DEI needs. From DEI Assessments to full implementation we can help you navigate the challenges of executing DEI efforts using our signature 3-Phase Holistic DEI Strategy framework.

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☀️ Checklist: Am I a Toxic Leader? Do I Work in a Toxic Workplace?
☀️ How receptive do you think you are?
​☀️ Culturally Intelligent Recruiter Assessment & Presentation 
☀️ DEI Assessments Comparative Analysis
☀️ Want to Measure DEI, Start Here
☀️ Questions to Uncover Your Diversity Story
☀️ Examples of Inclusion & Exclusion
☀️ Checklist to Foster Psychological Safety
☀️ Actions and Questions to Ignite Inclusive Conversations

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"Be prepared to cry, laugh, and enjoy an informative (with real data), interactive and energetic webinar. He can really shake up the work week for you, in a good way."

Allie Gold

Senior Manager, Learning & Development


"Miguel Aviles is a great motivational speaker, I wasn't planning to attend until I saw his video and signed up at the last minute. Thank you for the opportunity to attend the webinar."

University of Phoenix

"Your session’s average rating was 4.8 – the highest of the program!"

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Jennifer Holmes

Program Manager, IPMI

Corporate Wellness Institute

Featured as a
Inclusion Innovator Panelist
SHRM Inclusion 2020 

Upcoming Speaking Engagements

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