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Cultivating a
Culture of Care

How to Boost Wellness, Psychological Safety,
and Productivity at Work and Life.

Feeling drained, stressed out, and disconnected? You're not alone. Work and life can leave us feeling overwhelmed and yearning for more. What if there was a way to cultivate thriving environments where wellness, psychological safety, and productivity flourish?

The foundation of great teams is a true sense of deep care. By cultivating Cultures of Care, we can unlock new levels of collaboration, adaptability, and performance. This keynote will give you a 5 step framework with actionable insights, real-world examples, and tangible tactics.

Key Audience Takeaways


Uncover 5 simple, actionable steps to build genuine care.


Practice building psychological safety with proven tactics, featuring a storytelling exercise that empowers teams to speak up, learn, and embrace purposeful risk-taking.


Discover and implement practical techniques to reduce stress, increase energy, and build resilience by examining a case study where a company slashed burnout and turnover rates by 50% within a  high-stress occupation.


Gain a step-by-step guide and diagnostic tool leaders, managers and individual contributors can use to unleash productivity amidst heavy workloads.

See Cultures of Care in Action


"Thought provoking. It hits at your core and makes you really check yourself while giving you real tools to use to better your work and personal life and relationships. Joey is truly walking in his truth!"


Office of Personnel Management

"Absolutely eye opening and inspiring! Made me self reflect for my well being and also for my team. I most definitely took away a lot of tactics to be a better leader."

ULTA Beauty

"Inspiring and eye-opening! Definitely will use these techniques at work"


"One of the best talks I have experienced. The speaker was able to connect with the crowd in a humble, inspiring and engaging manner. This is the 2nd time I've participated in one of Joey's talks and I feel like he is talking to me everytime."

SHRM Annual Conference

"It honestly was the best session I’ve been to at the conference. It was inspirational, informative, heartfelt, and actionable. I was in tears when I left and had to take a beat in the bathroom to compose myself. Talk about hitting so close to home."


"Energetic, insightful and inspiring"
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