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Are You Fluent in Latinx?


Keynote Description

The purpose of the session is to provide not only awareness, but also tangible strategies and tools to understand the fundamental characteristics of the Hispanic culture and their implications in the workplace.

Projections indicate that by 2030, Hispanics will no longer be a minority. Moreover, according to 2015 US Census data 1.2 Million Hispanics were added to the nation’s population between July 1, 2014, and July 1, 2015. This number is nearly half of the approximately 2.5 million people added to the nation’s total population during this period. It’s because of this data that global thinkers affirm that the Hispanic Workforce is the future for US companies. 

This energetic presentation will focus on highlighting the unique characteristics of the Hispanic culture and the meaning they have in the workplace. We will explore the fundamental differences of this culture and provide some tips on how to make Hispanic employees feel engaged and valued.  The speaker will involve the audience in dynamic exercises such as the Myth or Truth trivia game, where we will debunk some misconceptions about the Hispanic culture. We will also answer questions like: What does it mean to be a Hispanic in the United States? What are the biggest challenges they face? And what can you do to pave the way to their advancement in the workplace? This session will portray the latest statistics, myths and facts, case studies, metrics, proven strategies and important aspects of the Hispanic community as a whole.


  1. Learn the A, B and C to successfully recruit, develop and retain Hispanics to include Millennials and Generation Z. 

  2. Discover the latest demographic research on this growing market.

  3. Understand the unique characteristics of Hispanics and how they differ from other cultures.

  4. Debunk myths and acquire facts about the Hispanic community.

  5. Understand what works and what doesn’t with Hispanics-Awareness, engagement and connection. 

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