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Becoming a Change-Maker
in Todays World


Keynote Description

As challenges and constant change within todays environment continue to take root and become even more prevalent, students will need to step into dynamic and demanding situations that will require the mindset of resilient, agile and inspiring change-makers. What can you do to most effectively prepare your employees to take on challenging roles? This energetic and inspirational Keynote will answer questions like: How to become a change-maker in a disruptive environment? How to achieve your purpose? How do you articulate who you are thoroughly and efficiently? How to propel change in your life and career? How to transition from academia to a challenging career? Students are responsible for setting trends and paving the way for a better world, and they can only do that by becoming effective change-makers.

This Keynote is inspired by the TEDx Talk “How to Become a Change-Maker in Today’s World” by MJA International CEO Miguel Joey Aviles.


  1. Develop a roadmap for your success as a change-maker

  2. Develop the mindset and acquire the skills to achieve change

  3. Uncover the barriers that may be preventing you from executing your purpose

  4. Learn how to lead your career and life to success by uncovering the secrets to becoming a

  5. Close the gaps between your reality and your purpose 

  6. Examine your strengths and identify the obstacles that are preventing you from becoming a

  7. Discuss various strategies to assist in balancing your role as a change-maker with other life roles

  8. Understand the steps to help others become change-makers

  9. Develop and implement a self-generated action plan to achieve sustainable change



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