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Building a Thriving Workplace in the Age of  AI

Times have changed. This much we all know. With the world in a continuous state of crisis, where there is no such thing as “normal,” the very nature of work, and life have been forever redefined. From social isolation to constant disruption, it is harder to foster connection, joy, and belonging within our teams. 


Now is the time to reequip our teams to achieve new heights. This keynote unveils the A.L.I.V.E framework: five pillars to achieving human connection, power up, and thriving through the power of belonging. 


Joey takes an inspirational, yet deep approach to answering the following questions: How to use the power of productive conflict to increase human connection and performance? How sharing stories of recovery, success, and failures can help to strengthen a culture of belonging? What's the superpower of top performers? What steps are necessary to embrace vulnerability in the workplace?

See We are ALIVE in Action

Key Audience Takeaways


Learn an easy-to-follow process to become a more inclusive collaborator, including analyzing conflict style, enhancing inclusive behaviors and developing a personal plan for better communication and collaboration.


Apply a practical two-step framework to navigate courageous conversations and unlock innovative and creative thinking.


Gain three key risk-mitigation questions to accelerate deeper awareness across your personal, organizational, and cultural spheres, leading to better decision-making at all levels. 


Explore researcher-backed strategies used to decrease burnout and turnover in a high-stress field. 


Access a guide to navigating cultural and generational differences, equipping you to connect with anyone with confidence

Standing Ovation

recorded live by an audience member


"Revitalizing!!! It was so engaging and it gave me so much to think about. I come away with ways to make small incremental changes that will inspire a brand new year!! I would love to hear him speak again!"


Office of Personnel Management

"Joey was fun and engaging and presented a framework that is both relevant today and easy to implement!"

ULTA Beauty

"The whole presentation was enlightening."


"Joey has the ability to connect with people by bringing business topics in a manner that he touches the human heart in a humble manner. I think everyday of what I can do to be a better leader and change the lives that I touch everyday. Joey simply reminded me in his talk that it's because I'M ALIVE AND I STRIVE TO MAKE IT COUNT!"

SHRM Annual Conference

"A useful toolkit to address the feelings I witness and experience in myself and others. Appreciated the high level tools and the personal stories that made it all the more engaging. I feel stronger."

SHRM Talent

"This was the most inspiring conference session I've ever been to in my life. Joey was fun, entertaining, and just magnetizing. He kept my full attention without a moment out of focus."
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