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Latinx ERGs:
The Key to Unlock Growth, Unleash Innovation and Drive Performance

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Keynote Description

Eighty percent of organizations support established employee resource groups (ERGs), which are often one of the D&I function’s greatest areas of opportunity to connect D&I efforts to business results. This session provides a roadmap to help a newly formed ERG unleash the 3 powerful E’s ERGs – Employ, Engage, Elevate – and jumpstart the transition from a new ERG to a leading ERG.

Over the past decade Employee Resource Groups have played a crucial role in the success of businesses, big and small. They may have started as small gatherings of people with the same backgrounds/interests, but today they are structured groups with specific goals, missions and visions that are aligned to the business strategy of their organizations. This session will explore the most successful ERGs and how organizations have used them to improve their business processes, hiring and retention strategies as well as improving employee morale. You will also learn how to successfully implement best practices in order to secure the success of ERGs. Miguel will share powerful stories about his time serving as a National President of an ERG. In addition, he will bring the perspective of a Chief Diversity Officer in charge of over 14 ERGs in a global organization. In a fresh and entertaining style, Miguel will share 3 transformational principles that will inspire and equip participants to lead powerful ERGs. 


  1. Learn how to successfully align the goals of the ERG to the business goals of your organization

  2. Learn how to leverage the members of the ERGs to implement innovation pilot programs

  3. Learn how to improve your hiring and retention strategies by using ERGs as a powerful HR tool

  4. Learn how to encourage and drive high performance from your top talent through their participation in ERGs



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